About us

hydronit team

Hydronit SRL is a dedicated hydraulics company.

We produce mini and micro modular AC and DC electric hydraulic powers packs for industrial, mobile and marine applications. While many of our competitors operate in multiple fields, our core business is hydraulics.

We are fully committed to and focused on the research, development, and production of modular hydraulic power packs and their relevant components. A new patent pending Smart Power Pack meets Smart Manufacturing industry new trends, joining hydraulics, electronics and automation. Not only do we provide superior products, but our lean organization and technologies mean that we can provide a shorter time to market than our competitors can provide.

At Hydronit, we do one thing: hydraulics; and we do it exceptionally well.


Why choose us?

Our product range is designed according to:

  • modularity and flexibility (only a few standard parts to create thousands of applications as in a “Meccano” system);
  • ease of use, assembly and maintenance;
  • energy efficiency during product’s design, engineering and manufacturing, thanks to the reduction of the use of raw materials and energy used for production;
  • best in class performance.

Our Quality Management System has been implemented with reference to ISO 9001:2015 standards and integrated with elements from TQM (Total Quality Management).

The mass production of the standard modular parts greatly reduces the final power pack cost compared to traditional solutions, where each power unit is expensively developed and manufactured. Latest generation CNC machining centers and tools are used for the parts production.

Whilst being experienced fluid power engineers in the design of single components, we also expertise in special high profile applications.

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More about us

Who we are

We are a young company, full of ideas and enthusiasm, with over a decade of experience.

What we do

We produce micro and compact Hydraulic Power Packs.

Why we do it

Hydronit is born in 2003, thanks to passion for hydraulics of his owner, Andrea Gambusera.

Where we do it

Hydronit Srl headquarter is in Italy, and we have associated companies in UK, China and USA.

Hydronit in numbers




Sales Volume (€)

Our rating

Performance: 80%
Consistency: 80%
Time to market: 70%
Range: 100%
Marketing: 60%