Power Packs Micro Series

Our MICRO power packs PPM range was designed basing on the experience that came from over ten years manufacturing and suppying the well known PPC mini power packs range. While we kept the flexibility and modularity design principles well appreciated on the bigger range, we greatly optimized and reduced the use of raw materials, creating a lightweight aluminium die-cast MICRO central manifold, which is half weight of previous one. allowing an even higher integration than the Universal one. Single effect, double effect, reversible units with piloted check valves can be easily made out of the same modules.

A good news for stockist distributors, who keep stock of spare parts and assemble them basing on the customer orders, is that the MICRO PPM range shares most pans with the other Hydronit ranges: the mini power pack PPC range and the electropumps EPB range. Less parts = smaller stock and cost optimization.

Download here our Power Packs Micro Series Catalog:


  • power up to 2,2 kW, flow from 0,3 up to 6 1/min and pressure up to 250 bar;
  • high integration;
  • gear and hand pumps;
  • pressure and flow control valves;
  • check and 2, 3, 4 ways directional valves;
  • proportional flow and pressure controls;
  • up to eight devices can be integrated within the central manifold for flexibility and compactness;
  • all components are made in single piece, preassembled, in order to simplify assembling and service (no washers, poppets, springs and nuts messing up).


The high performance pressure balanced gear pumps, the electrical motors and solenoid valves’ coils are all specifically designed and optimized for typical micro power unit applications in order to improve the system overall efficiency, increase the power density, reducing heat generation and power consumption. The units are individually 100% tested before delivery to guarantee leak-free and hassle-free operation during their lifetime. The functional components are made with hardened steel parts for best reliability and long life.

Market policies

We deliver either assembled and tested micro power packs or kits of single spare parts thereof. Local distributors can thus optimize stock and shipments by locally assembling the units while OEMs can enjoy the easiness of installing fully assembled and tested units on their machines.

Compliance to market standards

Our micro power packs can:

  • house standard group 0 gear pumps with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, or bidirectional (reversible);
  • standard electric motors can be fitted with IEC B14 frames 63 and 71;
  • screw-in cartridge valves are fitted in 3/4-16UNF SAE08 or 5/8-18UNF SAE06 standard cavities, the main relief valve is fitted in a M14 standard cavity, while return line flow regulators are fitted in 1/4″BSPP or 3/4-16UNF SAE08 standard cavities.