Compact Series

Hydraulic Power Pack COMPACT series (PPC) is a modular system built around the Universal central manifold. The ability to mount AC or DC motors, plastic or metal tanks of different sizes and the high customization, gives the possibility to use the power pack in both mobile and industrial applications and enables the customer to create hundreds of different hydraulic solutions, using only standard modular parts.

Micro Series

Hydraulic Power Pack MICRO series (PPM) share the same concept of modularity (and most parts) of PPC series, thus providing the same flexibility. PPM are really small thus applied where the limits of space make it difficult the installation of a traditional power pack, like in small vehicles, boats, small industrial machines.


Bull Series

DC Electro-pumps BULL series (EPB) are the perfect solution when you need a simple motor- pump system. The unit can be integrated with relief valve and mounting foot.

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Features and Advantages


AC & DC power units out of the same modular parts, for industrial and mobile applications;


High performances (Compact series): power up to 7,5kW, flow up to 25 l/min, pressure up to 300 bar or more, high energy efficiency;


A Universal Central Manifold for simple or complex hydraulic cirtcuits, with single-or double-acting actuators


Extremely compact dimensions (Micro series) and high power density;


Special design for specific applications.