Our Policy for Quality and Energy

To continuously keep and improve the performances of the Business Quality Management System, in order to guarantee that customers’ needs, expectations and requirements are satisfied and exceeded, preserving at the same time company’s interests.

To continuously keep and improve the performances of the Business Energy Management System, in order to monitor and improve the company energy efficiency in accordance with the legislation in force.

To excel in a challenging global market, with fast technological evolution and fierce competition, offering products and services chosen and appreciated by customers for  qualityreliability  price,  performancesefficiency  and  smart design.

Photovoltaic power

Our headquarters in Varedo-Italy are designed and built to minimize energy consumption and the use of fossil fuels. The building is hyper- insulated, using mostly natural materials (wood fibers and cork), and requires only 7,4 kWh/m3/y power for the winter heating and 3,2 kWh/m3/y power for the summer cooling.

photovoltaic field of 60 x 230W panels provides power for our production lines, office lighting and air-conditioning, minimizing our impact on the planet. About 60% of the electric energy used in the plant is auto-produced.  Thermal solar panels heat the water used in the plant.


The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 defines the fundamental criteria by which any organization can implement a Quality Management System (QMS). QMS is one of the fundamental keys for development, controlling and detailed monitoring of key business processes as well as its constituent activities.

The quality certification is a strategic choice of a company that intends to pursue continuous development and improvement of its processes and an ongoing customer satisfaction.

In Hydronit the QMS has been integrated with elements from the TQM ISO 9000:2004 (Total Quality Management). Periodical analysis of the company performance are carried on statistical basis and presently 31 quality and performance goals are monitored (Ex. customer satisfaction, efficacy and efficiency targets, number and cost of claims from customers and to suppliers, energy savings,…). It is a top-down process, complete with internal audit rules. This constant self-evaluation leads to excellence in product and service development and marketing.

The UNI EN ISO 50001:2011

Hydronit Srl has been the first hydraulic power pack manufacturer in Europe, as well as one of the very first companies in Italy, to obtain the UNI CEI EN 16001:2009 Certification, then converted in UNI EN ISO 50001:2011. This standard defines the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an Energy Management System. It provides a framework for determining the business’ energy policy and objectives and for identifying the route to achieving the set goals. The purpose of the EN 50001:2011 is a more efficient and more sustainable use of energy, in general through the initial assessment of energy issues and the management and control of these aspects.


Achieving the UNI CEI EN 50001:2011 certification is another step towards Hydronit’s recognition as asocially responsible company with an ethic dedicated to the protection of the environment and the community.